You might have noticed our recent posts on social media that we talked about Cashback.  Let’s see what this is all about and we’re sure that you will love it!

First, let’s see what Cashback is.  With Mycart Cashback, you can earn Cashback for each purchase you make.  The Cashback is sent to your wallet and you can use it on your next purchase or you can also accumulate those Cashbacks and use it later as well.  You can also find out how much Cashback you can earn whenever you view any product on Mycart.
To make it simpler, let’s take an example:  The Dress below costs Rs. 500 on Mycart.  The Cashback you can win on it is Rs 50.  When you buy that Dress on Mycart, you will indeed buy it at Rs 500 but the Rs 50 will be your Cashback.  This Cashback will be credited to your Wallet as soon as your order is processed.  The Cashback will remain in your wallet until you use it.

Some days later, you decide to buy another product.  Let’s assume that the product is a kitchen saucepan which costs Rs 700 on Mycart.  When you buy that item, you can use the Rs 50 that is already in your wallet.  That means that your payment will now cost Rs 700 – Rs 50 (the Cashback) = Rs 650.  You will save Rs 50 on this purchase thanks to the cashback!

The fun does not end there!  You have just made another purchase and you are earning Cashback on that one too!  Let’s assume that Mycart offers Rs 70 on that pan.  When your order is processed, the Rs 70 Cashback is credited in your wallet and you can use that on your next purchase!
You can also decide to accumulate your Cashbacks and use it some other time. Your Cashbacks will be always stored in your wallet until you decide when you wish to use them.

Keep winning with Mycart and save up as you continue shopping! Watch out for special deals where you can win interesting Cashback values at any moment.