OWATROL Aquanett transparent 1L

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  • Brand: OWATROL
  • Model: MMI00A001387
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  • Available Date: 27/08/2020
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Location: Port Louis, Mauritius
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    Removes previously applied oils including teak oil from any external wood surface
    Restores the natural colour of the wood
    Gel consistency will not run making it ideal for vertical surfaces
    Prepares wood for a new coating, improving penetration and adhesion
    Suitable for environmentally sensitive areas
    AQUANETT is a powerful, water washable, solvent free remover and cleaner that strips out new, old and
    encrusted oils from exterior wooden surfaces and cleans severely weathered wood.
    Biodegradable, AQUANETT is suitable for environmentally sensitive areas while its gel consistency means it will not run, making it ideal for vertical surfaces.
    Easy to apply and fast acting, AQUANETT quickly and efficiently removes the mill glaze, which is created in the manufacturing process, from the surface of new wood, thus improving the penetration and adhesion of a finish.
    Surface preparation   
    Remove any loose and flaking finish.
    Brush off any physical surface contamination e.g. moss, general dirt etc.       
    Application Use as is, Do Not dilute.
    Work large areas in zones.
    Always work in the direction of the grain. Do Not use a wire brush.
    After rinsing, immediately treat surface with NET-TROL while still wet.
    Allow wood to dry thoroughly, 2-3 days, before applying the finish.
    Test Procedure
    Apply AQUANETT
    Allow to work 5 minutes.
    Scrub surface to see if finish or dirt is lifting.
    If lifting commence with job, if not wait a further 5 minutes and test again, continue this process up to a
    maximum of 20 minutes.
    Stripping and Cleaning
    Work in areas that can be completed in 5-20 minutes, then move on to the next area until entire surface is
    stripped or clean.
    Apply AQUANETT to the area to be stripped or cleaned and allow to work.
    After time established in the test, scrub surface with a stiff nylon brush, if required flush with water at the
    same time OR use a pressure washer (max 60 bars/870 psi).
    Thoroughly rinse the surface after stripping/cleaning including any adjacent areas, with fresh clean water.
    NB: The use of hot water makes the job easier.

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