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  • 1859
Lightens and restores colour to all greyed, weathered wood without bleaching
Non-aggressive – harmless to plants, shrubs and surface being cleaned
Can clean and rejuvenate, plastic, gel coat, stone and cement
Fast-acting – restores wood to its natural colour in just 15 minutes
Can be used as a neutraliser after using Dilunett, Aquanett or another stripper
NET-TROL is a powerful cleaner and brightener which restores grey, weather-beaten exterior wood that is unfinished to its natural colour. Unlike bleach or chlorine based cleaners it will not damage the wood fibres.
NET-TROL removes surface and ground in dirt while restoring a bright, vibrant look to the exterior
Shake or stir container well before use.
Use neat or diluted. See Dilutions below.
Work large areas in zones.
Always work in the direction of the grain. Do Not use a wire brush.
Wood, Stone, Concrete:
Wet surface with fresh, clean water.
Scrub surface to agitate the NET-TROL.
Leave to stand for approx. 10-20 minutes. If surface starts to dry, dampen with a mist application of water.
Scrub surface while flushing with water or use a pressure washer (max. 60 bar/870 psi).
Rinse thoroughly with fresh clean water.
If required repeat procedure.
Wood - Allow to dry 2-3 days or until it meets the moisture content required by the chosen finish.
Stone & Concrete - Allow to dry until it meets the moisture content required by the chosen finish.
Nail Stains:
Clean surface. After cleaning wet surface with fresh clean water.
Apply NET-TROL to the entire surface over and around the nail stain.
Rinse with fresh clean water but not until the stain has disappeared.   
Surfaces may be slippery when wet. Use caution when walking on wet surfaces during application.
NET-TROL may dull painted surfaces and some metal fixings if left on too long. Rinse off quickly or wipe
with a wet cloth.   
Removal of Grey Weathered Wood:
Use undiluted.
General Cleaning:
Dilute up to 1 part NET-TROL to 4 parts Water depending on the condition of the surface to be cleaned.

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