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    Pinky Phoenix
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    Kamla Port Louis
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    N Sobha
    N Sobha Grand Bois
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    Beejadhur R
    Beejadhur R Quatre Bornes
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    Madhvi Beau Bassin
  • Very good, quick delivery in good state. Thank you very much

    N T
    N T Petit Raffray
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    T K Chady
    T K Chady Rose Hill
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    Ramsing A Y
    Ramsing A Y Beau Bassin
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    Lynzé Denise
    Lynzé Denise Black River
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    Christopher Holbrook
    Christopher Holbrook Albion
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    Gootisha Tahalooa
    Gootisha Tahalooa Plaine des Papayes
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    Atish Rajub
    Atish Rajub Curepipe
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    Alex Chundunsing
    Alex Chundunsing Morc St André
  • Service perfect

    Vickram Rambhujun
    Vickram Rambhujun Vacoas
  • Prompt delivery. Pleasant customer service

    Judy Anodin
    Judy Anodin Port Louis
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    Rahemtoolah S
    Rahemtoolah S Beau Bassin
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    Shaan Vacoas
  • Product arrived in good condition and very fast delivery. Nice staff. Thank you My Cart team

    Arshad Woozeer
    Arshad Woozeer Beau Bassin
  • Well on time, superb delivery

    Khaleelur Rahaman
    Khaleelur Rahaman Quatre Bornes
  • Satisfied

    Nivesh Vacoas
  • Satisfied with prompt delivery

    Avinash Dabydoyal
    Avinash Dabydoyal Pailles
  • Very good service. Nice approach and very quick delivery

    Divesh Boodoo
    Divesh Boodoo Petit Raffray
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    A Toucheron
    A Toucheron Piton
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    Hurree A
    Hurree A Quatre Bornes
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    K Padayachy
    K Padayachy Port Louis
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    Laval Lam
    Laval Lam Port Louis
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    Ishfaaq J
    Ishfaaq J Mont Ida
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    Marishma Baie du Tombeau
  • Good Service

    L Larue
    L Larue Baie du Tombeau
  • Prompt delivery. Happy with the service provided.

    Pritila Jaynathsing-Gayan
    Pritila Jaynathsing-Gayan Curepipe
  • User friendly website. Variety of products, big choice. Customer service very nice and helpful. Excellent service and fast delivery!!!

    Yorna P. Moothoosamy
    Yorna P. Moothoosamy Baie du Tombeau
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    Jacqueline Renaud
    Jacqueline Renaud Petite Riviere
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    Pazani Ramasawmy
    Pazani Ramasawmy Vacoas
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    Prakash Prayag
    Prakash Prayag Floreal
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    Ozeer Bibi Soorayah
    Ozeer Bibi Soorayah L'Escalier
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    Koodoruth Hanna
    Koodoruth Hanna Castel
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    Salima Dolip
    Salima Dolip Dagotiere
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    Gerald Ip
    Gerald Ip Quatre Bornes
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    Kevin Ochit
    Kevin Ochit Quatre Bornes
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    Dinesh Seebaluck Mapou
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    Currunuth Ackbar
    Currunuth Ackbar Sebastopol
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    Adeel Cheekhoory
    Adeel Cheekhoory Plaine Lauzun
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    Thierry Vigoureux
    Thierry Vigoureux Ebene
  • Good service

    Nicholas Lee Chik
    Nicholas Lee Chik Mare Gravier
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    Karuna Gowreesunker
    Karuna Gowreesunker Floreal
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    Imraan Abdool
    Imraan Abdool Port Louis
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    Medha Gujadhur
    Medha Gujadhur Floreal
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    Stephanie Pointe aux Sables
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    Mrs Hassen
    Mrs Hassen Vacoas
  • Satisfactory

    Ritesh Bhugwandass
    Ritesh Bhugwandass La Rosa